The MNI Russia Consumer Sentiment provides reliable and in-depth analysis of consumer behaviours within the rapidly changing Russian economy. We provide timely intelligence on the state of an important strategic market.

The MNI Russia Consumer Sentiment is a leading barometer of Russian consumer spending, measuring current conditions and future expectations for the economy in Russia. It allows users to monitor consumer spending behaviours and to measure the potential for government policy moves.

The MNI Russia Consumer Sentiment provides clues as to retail strength and consumer spending. Designed to track the degree of confidence and optimism consumers express on the economy, the MNI Russia Consumer Sentiment delivers detailed information on critical areas that affect spending such as housing, durable goods, cars, savings and investments, stock market, and inflation.

Our indicators allow investors, economists, and companies to identify economic trends and to make informed investment and business decisions. The indicators‘ ability to track and forecast consumer spending allows for a detailed and valuable picture of the overall Russian economy.

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