The MNI China Car Purchase Sentiment Survey offers unique insight into the sentiment and behaviour of consumers in the world’s largest car market. Based on a monthly survey of Chinese consumers, the new indicators illuminate trends in the sector and possess high predictive power over car sales, leading the official data by eight months.

A broad range of more than 1,000 respondents are interviewed across China every month regarding their views on a variety of pertinent questions. The survey provides direct access to the opinions of Chinese car buyers by examining their attitudes and plans towards car purchase, their budget and trends in ownership. In addition, the China Car Purchase Sentiment Survey includes a complete historical dataset with data going as far back as 2007 that can easily be compared with official data and used to analyse trends in a comprehensive manner.

Because our respondents come from such a variety of backgrounds, the report allows you to zero-in on the demographic important to you, whether it’s age, income, region or occupation.
In-depth analysis allows auto-makers, investors, economists, and corporates to identify economic trends and to make informed investment and business decisions. The survey’s ability to track and forecast trends in households’ views on the car market makes it an indispensable dataset for anyone looking at the Chinese car sector.

  • Comprehensive data exploring consumers’ attitudes to the car market.
  • Rich demographic breakdown and analysis – by age, income, region and gender.
  • Data presented in an easy to digest format with the ability to draw clear conclusions from it.

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